What’s the difference between your pop up classes and your standard workshop


Pop up workshops are shorter, have less feedback and discussion, and often consist of

one-time members. Current students are always welcome at pop-ups for no extra

charge. Oftentimes these forums are where new exercises and lessons are tried out, or

older, popular lessons are reprised.

Do you have auditing ability in your classes? Can I just listen in?

On occasion auditing can be arranged, depending on class size.

What if time ran out before I could share my work with the group? Is there a place I

can do that?

You can always post your work in the Zoom chat in real time, and there is a Facebook

page (Marcy Heisler Lyric Workshops), where you can post work and communicate with

other participants.

The current charge is $450.00 for a 6-pack. What if I want fewer lessons?

You can arrange pay-as-you-go at $100.00 per class. However, preference will be given

to those who have pre-purchased a six-pack, and class size (for participation purposes) is

cut off at 14. Optimal class size is 6-10.

Your standard rates are beyond my budget. Anything I can do?

Email to discuss this personally. On occasion

scholarships are given or a sliding scale is implemented. Returning students usually

receive $100 off a renewed round of classes.

The Pop-ups are pay what you can. What’s the usual payment?

The payments range between $20.00-$50.00, usually.

Are you going to be offering more times and dates?

Based on interest and availability, yes. It’s the ultimate goal to get a few groups of 14 or

fewer going. We will be happy to entertain any time slot that works for both instructor

and student.

How varying are the levels of student experience in your classes?

I think sometimes we all “swim in our own pond”, and it’s refreshing to grow a forum

where differing perspectives abound. Because these classes consist of creating your

own intellectual property, your work is as professional as you make it. I am a fan of the

all-level, all age, all-experience class. However, on occasion there are broken-out

classes for individual levels and topics. Keep checking back for more information.


What if I have outside work I want to share with the group? Can I bring that in to


During the homework review portion of the class, yes. All homework assignments are

optional, you can bring in a song of your own for discussion if you prefer.

What if I can’t get the homework done before class?

Homework is always optional, and you can share an assignment from a different week,

or pass on sharing your homework at your discretion.

Can a writing team apply? 

Yes, however each student pays separately and I encourage the exercises to be done individually. 

For any other questions, ideas, or suggestions, feel free to email

marcyheislerlyricworkshops@gmail. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


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